Physiotherapy is also available at Van der Valk Hotel Barcarola.

A wonderful climate, lots of sun and close to the beach. Only this is enough reason to rehabilitate at Van der Valk Hotel Barcarola. In the hands of our expert physiotherapist you will be able to recover from your injury under the best conditions.

What is physiotherapy:
The physical therapist is the specialist in movement.
Physiotherapy is aimed at making you move as well as possible.

The human body is an amazingly clever and well-organized body of muscles, bones and joints, which we have to rely on, on a daily basis.
Walking, standing, jumping, bending; they are often entirely self-evident movements. That moving is not so obvious; you’ll only realize when you are bothered by something, if the body does not cooperate for a while. The person who knows everything about it is the physiotherapist; the specialist in movement. You can contact him or her for the treatment of complaints, but also to prevent (worse) complaints.

Annually, more or less 2.5 million people, young and old, go to the physiotherapist. They have complaints because of their posture or because a movement causes problems. 
These can be sport injuries, complaints during work, complaints as a result of an accident or illness, a “wrong” movement or simply because the body is getting older.
Your physical therapist advises, treats and guides you so that you can continue your daily life as well as possible.

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