Workcation out on the Costa Brava

How to plan a workcation

Ever since the pandemic, a word we’d rather not use anymore, there have been a lot of positive developments in the work field. We have learnt to combine our work lives and our private lives. We have also gained a “forced” freedom to do our work from a distance, where our offices have become a meeting place.

So seeking that freedom and trying to literally push boundaries is highly recommended. Plan that workcation and go work remotely in Spain. The tips below will help you have a successful workcation.

Workcation tips

  1. Get an unlimited data bundle or choose a place where you don't have Wi-Fi restrictions. Team meetings are impossible to do otherwise. Hotel Barcarola, for example, offers free Wi-Fi.
  2. Choose a place with lots of dining options nearby, this will make it easier to head out during your lunch break.
  3. Go during the off-season, this way you avoid the screaming children and will be able to work in peace.
  4. Start your workday at sunrise, that way you'll be done earlier and will be able to enjoy the surroundings.
  5. Engage in conversations with a local, this way you'll know what to do or what not to do at your location.

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