FitnessClub Sant Pol

We are excited to announce that our fitness club is now open! Equipped with state-of-the-art Matrix devices and staffed with top coaches, physiotherapists, and personal trainers, our fitness club offers a premier workout experience. Hotel guests can enjoy complimentary access to the fitness club, and subscriptions can be purchased at the reception desk. Located next to the terrace and swimming pool, you can stay fit while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Our Equipment:
- 3 bikes
- 2 exercise bikes
- 2 rowing machines
- 2 treadmills

Fitness / Strength:
- Chest press
- Incline press
- Shoulder press
- Lay curl
- Leg extension
- Pec fly
- Rear delt
- Lat pulldown
- Seated row
- Biceps
- Triceps
- Abdominal
- Low back
- Bench press
- Dumbbell rack up to 30 kg

Check out our fitness club in action: [link to Facebook video]

- One (1) day pass or group classes: €7.50 (Credit card or cash)
- Ten (10) days pass: €65 (Credit card or cash)
- One (1) month multiple pass (no commitment): €40 (Credit card or cash)
- One (1) month multiple pass (with 6 months commitment): €29.50 (Withdrawal from your bank account)
- Subscription includes a trial lesson and group classes

Outdoor Activities:
- Bootcamp & Running

Additional Services (Not Included):
- Personal training: €35 per hour
- Electrogym X-body: from €35 (max. 2x per week)
- One-time registration fee: €15

Opening Hours:
Daily from 06:00 till 24:00 hours

Coaching Hours:
- Monday and Wednesday: 17:00 till 19:00 hours
- Friday: 08:00 till 10:00 hours

Get ready to achieve your fitness goals with our outstanding fitness club and expert guidance. Join us for a fulfilling workout experience at Van der Valk Hotel Barcarola!