Every Thursday there is a yoga class from 18:15 to 19:15 H (July and August 2019 from 19:15 to 20:15 H).

More about Yoga:
Yoga is an investment in yourself through movement and relaxation for inner peace. Respiration is the way to bring you into the NOW. Our way of thinking has the tendency to shoot all directions and to shatter, during yoga you focus your attention on what you are doing; doing the exercise. You focus your attention on your respiration and with that focused attention you stay in the NOW. With the result that your thoughts come to a rest. Yoga is there to balance the human being through cooperation of body, respiration and consciousness. By linking the body and consciousness by means of the respiration, there is balance between tension and relaxation. The concentration on your respiration brings spiritual peace, a home in yourself. Yoga postures strengthen the spine, the muscles and improve circulation and the functioning of the organs and energy centers.

Yoga literally means: joining. Merging, and also deepening yourself spiritually, connecting you with yourself, peace and harmony. Yoga is experiencing.

The balance in between extremes is expressed in for example:
- male / female
- movement / immobility
- inhalation / exhalation
- tighten / release

Generally yoga improves concentration, stress resistance, vitality and your complete physical and mental well-being.

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