One on one yoga, meditation and mindfulness; now also available at Barcarola Vital!

What is mindfulness:
The “Center of Mindfulness” at the University of Massachusetts has shown that promoting more mindfulness through the regular formal and informal meditation practice can mean much difference for the quality of life of people with all kinds of chronic stress disorders, painful diseases and illnesses. In addition to that; all those people who suffer from the stress of everyday life in our 24-hour economy where multitasking has become a virtue.
That we take a rest because it is possible or that we are able to balance body and mind.

Such moments may not be neglected. It is important that we remember, pay attention to, and embody what is most important in our lives. This instead of being swallowed up by the whirlpool of demandingness and temptation. Because if we do not do what is right for us, degradation is the toll we have to pay.

René van Es brings mindfulness and yoga together. In his search for recovery, he found out that the balance between body and mind is needed. To achieve this, in the summer of 2015 he decided to take part in a yoga/mindfulness retreat. The wonderful combination of yoga and mindfulness has made him very enthusiastic and hungry for more.

“Mindfulness means that you resolutely perceive and accept your physical discomfort and heated emotions, moment by moment. The yoga exercises (asanas) help to activate and restore the organs in the body, the pranayamas are for recovery and life energy, besides the meditation, which is mainly based on consciousness, de-stressing and getting to know yourself. It is like coming home to yourself. That was the reason for me to develop further, to really integrate these forms in my life, as a student and as a teacher. You are never too old to learn.” says René.

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