FitnessClub Sant Pol

The fitnessclub is open! Equipped with Matrix devices and a service is provided by top coaches, physiotherapists and personal trainers. There are 16 multifunctional devices and for hotel guests the fitness is free of charge. Subscriptions are sold at the reception desk. The fitness is situated on the first floor above the reception of the hotel.

The equipment:
3 bikes
2 exercise bikes
2 rowing machines
2 treadmills

Fitness / strength
chest press
incline press
shoulder press
lay curl
leg extension
pec fly
rear delt
lat pulldown
seated row
low back
bench press

dumble rack till 30 kg

- Unlimited fitness and swimming (unheated pool): € 29,50 per month
- 10 session entree: € 65,-
- Individual classes or training: € 7,50
- Subscription includes a trial lesson and group classes:

Outdoor: bootcamp & running
Indoor or on the beach: yoga

- Personal training: € 35,- per hour
- Electrogym X-body: from €35,- (max. 2x per week)
- One-tim registration fee: € 10,-

- daily from 6 am to midnight
- Coaching from 5pm till 7.30pm